Father's Day

Father's Day

Not everyone is having a Happy Father's Day

This post is for those grieving the loss of the father figure in their life. Be it your Father, Husband, Grandfather, Step-Father, Uncle, Neighbor I want to honor them today.

If you have been around a while or if you are just tuning in... I lost my dad last April. He fought a good fight against the serpent we call Liver Cancer. Losing him has been like I have lost a part of myself. It's taken almost a year to find a fraction of that self again.
So, I like many I know may find a lot of sorrow in this day. But there can be a lot of rejoicing, too. Though I don't have my dad physically with me I know he is with me always spiritually.
I pray for my dad every day. Not a day goes by where he is not at some point the center of my thoughts, my words, my actions. A lot of times I find myself thinking I wonder what Dad would have to say about that...
Funny isn't it? A good friend reminded me that our earthly fathers are supposed to show us a fraction of what our heavenly fathers' love is. So, when thinking about what would Dad say it always reminds me too what would Jesus do?
I try to implement this more in all that I do. Be more intentional to honor not only my earthly Father who has faithfully departed but also bring honor to my Heavenly Father.
So today I am asking you all to leave a name of the Father Figure you have lost here on earth so I can pray for them with our Family Rosary this evening. If you don't want to leave it in the comments you can DM me the name!
I ask you each to find a name or two listed and pray for them as well.

May each of you who are grieving whether it's your first father's day without your loved one or your 20th find peace and comfort.

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