I am Pro-Life

Today we Pray for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children.
What does that means to me? Well, my first born child. That's what it means to me.
Before I knew Him, before I practiced my faith, before I was confirmed into the Catholic Church. Someone out there whom I do not know was praying for me and my unborn baby. THAT is what today means to me.
With out those prayers from strangers, without the talks from half strangers, co-workers, family, friends, I would have been a 23 year old walking into the abortion clinic.
Being pro-life means I am Pro LOVE, it means I am Pro Infant, it means I am Pro Fertility Awareness, it means I am Pro Examination of Conscience.
We are all given opportunities in our life to make tough decisions, we are all given more than we bargain for at times. My daughter SAVED my life. Without her, I would not be here today. Without her, I would have never known the work of God as I do today. Was it easy? No. Was I always supported? No. Was I left to figure things out for myself? Yes. All of those struggles are what got me to where I am today they didn't break me, they made me stronger. Every human life is deserving of the opportunity to learn from struggles, everyone is deserving of the opportunity to live.
I truly believe if we spent more time educating on fertility awareness. Learning our bodies, knowing the way to care for our bodies is the way to promote health for women and end abortion. I was young, alone, unaware, uneducated on how my body works. THAT is so important! We need to an examination of conscience to help end abortion, we need infants in this world, we need more love.

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