Sacred Heart of Jesus

I take thee, O Sacred Heart, for the sole object of my love🥰
Remember last week when I said I felt the call to consecrate myself to the Sacred Heart?! Well, thanks to all of you who said you have done it before and gave me the information I can now check that off my list!
Last Friday I went to my first, First Friday Mass to take part in this devotion. And let me just tell you... IT WAS AMAZING!
Do you ever have those days at mass where you just feel like the priest is speaking right to you? Like almost like he was shaking me and saying LISTEN, HOLLY!
So that solidified that I am exactly where God is telling me I need to be.
Of course, I couldn't take part in this devotion without making a t-shirt too!!! So yes what you see is available!!!
The process for this shirt is done a little differently but I am excited to finally use that special printer I got for Christmas on t-shirts!!!

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