Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday

What makes you cry on Sundays?

On This Most Holy Trinity Sunday I am taken back to my very first adult confirmation class.

My amazing teacher had us all go around the room and share why we were there and what brought us all into the same room together that day.

Well, it’s no surprise to my IRL friends that I could barely get out what I was trying to say because I was just crying. I was not the first to speak but I was definitely the first to shed any kind of emotion.

This day plays over and over in my head when I think about my faith. What DID bring me to that room that day?

There are so many possible answers and the short answer is my then boyfriend now husband. But the real answer is, its much more complicated than that. I have a past I am less than proud of but it has its purpose. My past is my past because God needed that for my future. He was working in me all along I just refused to see it and let the devil win.

I still didn’t see it until that first class. I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. Would they all judge me? Would they all ask me to not return? Should I just make something up? The answer to all those is NO. Not one judgement was passed on me and still to this day I rarely get that judgey vibe from my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

If you have ever taken RCIA or Adult Confirmation well any catechesis really the first class they go over and explain the Trinity. Using a diagram like above. GOD is The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. BUT the Father is not the Son, nor the Holy Spirit and all in reverse. Those 3 Divine Persons create our Father in Heaven.

It is by this Holy Trinity we are all saved and if you believe can be brought into eternal life. Not matter what baggage you bring with you into those doors. I promise you when you walk out you will be 100,000 pounds lighter.

Every time we make the sign of the cross I am reminded of the blessings bestowed upon me by these 3 Divine persons. This is what makes me cry on Sundays. In Thanksgiving to our Lord for His abundant love and mercy for our souls. 

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