Act of Reparation to the Most Holy Heart of Mary

O Heart of Mary, I honor thee,
as the Heart most pleasing to our Lord,
and most intimately united to Him.
I love thee, as the heart of the best mothers, and I rejoice in thy glorious prerogatives. Prostrate before thee, O Heart of Mary, I make thee this humble act of reparation for all the outrages which thou hast received from me and all mankind.
I humbly confess that I have been guilty of the greatest ingratitude towards thee; but seeing that, through thee, the divine mercy has so often had regard unto me, I venture even yet to hope that thou wilt not abandon me.
In this sweet confidence, I am animated by a most earnest desire to be more faithful and more devoted to thee.
I pray thee to accept all the good that henceforth I am resolved to do, and to present it to thy dear Son, Jesus, so that, through thee, my most loving Savior, may pour down His benedictions more and more on me, and on all who are dear to me.
I found this in my grandfather prayer book that was passed down to me. Its Called Key of Heaven A manual of devotions for devout Catholics. It was published in 1942.
I just love going through his things and holding them knowing he held them and prayed those same prayers at one time in his life.
May you feel our Blessed Mothers love for our Lord today.